Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point

The Museum of Ancient Life, or as it's known as at our house, the Dinosaur Museum is always a big hit.

The admission fees can be a bit steep ($10 for adults or $8 for kids, 3 and under are free) but when we went we were able to take advantage of a 2 for 1 discount in the Entertainment Book. Although my son is only 4 he had a great time. There are a ton of hands on exhibits and things to explore (more than just dinosaurs) and of course plenty of big dinosaur skeletons.
Build your own dinosaur with these stuffed pieces.
The favorite stop for my son was the sand/water table. We probably spent a majority of our time there. It's a big area where kids can dam water with sand to their hearts content. Luckily there are also sinks nearby where they can wash up afterwards.
There also was a sand pit at the very end of the museum where the kids can dig for fossils. Needless to say- dress your kids accordingly. They will get dirty.
The giant shark head was a favorite.
There is also the The Mammoth Screen Theater which shows 3D documentaries. We didn't see a show, but it sounds pretty cool. The price of the show is not included with your admission. To check out more details of the Museum check out their website here.
Have you been to the Museum before? Share your thoughts in the "reviews" (comments) and let us know what you think. 

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Laura said...

Love this place! Just kind of expensive, but great when you have a coupon. So, I guess, "Ditto" to what you said!