Thursday, May 5, 2011

University Mall Tree House

One of our favorite places to go when it is too cold or too hot to be outside is to the tree house at the University Mall. The Tree house is located at the North end of the mall, outside the old Mervyn's, and next to Payless shoes. There is a giant tree house that the kids can go inside of and a slide to go down. 
Next to the tree house is a big dinosaur "fossil". While there are signs posted all over to not let your children climb ontop of the dinosaur- I have to admit it is one of the main attractions. (I am pretty sure the signs are there to prevent law suits in the event of an injury.) There are several benches all around for parents to sit on although the area is not completely enclosed so if you've got a wanderer, you'll have to keep an eye on them. Also nearby is a giant stone globe that sits on top of water and spins. While there isn't much water around it, my son does usually end up with wet sleeves if he goes near it.You can see in the picture of the dinosaur that there are bathrooms right next to the area (another plus) and drinking fountains. I see kids from all ages running around here- so bring the whole family. Our favorite thing to do is to pack a  lunch and have a nice indoor picnic. :)

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Laura said...

I do love this place, especially during those long cold winters. Although, I do not like that it is so hard to watch your kids when they are running around the big tree. With two running around, it can be a little difficult to keep track of them because the play area is not sectioned off, but the kids love it!