Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fat Cats

There is something so cute about little shoes.  And with bowling shoes, it is no different.  Starting at toddler size 6, kids of all ages can have a great time at Fat Cats in Provo.

My children are 4 and 2, so I was surprised at how entertained they were for the whole hour.  I realize that I am the last to hear about this, but did you know that the bumpers can automatically come up for your child's turn and then go back down for your turn?  Yes, they can!  And they have these really cool metal "bowling ball ramps" for kids that are too little to roll their own ball.  All they have to do is push the ball down the ramp.  Even with all of that, my two-year-old was completely satisfied to sort the bowling balls as they came up from the return.  And their is always a good friendly bowling competition for the adults as well.  At Fat Cats, you can choose from food from their Striker's Grill or from Costa Vida.  I love Costa Vida, but with kids in-tow we went with pizza from the Grill.  It was delicious!  It had a great flavor and I liked the way the sauce and toppings continued into the middle of the crust.  I highly recommend trying it.

Fat Cats offers family and birthday party packages.  I have to admit that the prices are higher than I like to pay, but with CityDeals and Groupon around, I never pay full price.
 I used to think bowling was just for older kids or adults, but it is fun for the whole family.  From the fun "bowling ball ramps" for tiny bowlers, to automated bumpers, to the bowling ball return and lots of dancing in those cute bowling shoes; my kids got their fill of fun at Fat Cats.

Visit the Website for more information:  http://fatcatsfun.com/index.php/locations/provo-utah

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