Thursday, April 7, 2011

Provo Macey's Free Kids Events

I usually tell my 2-year-old that we are going to the grocery store and she smiles when we pull into the parking lot and says (in her two year old voice), "No, this isn't the grocery store. This is Macey's!" With my 4-year-old, I take a different approach. I ask him to try to guess where we are going. When we get anywhere near that big yellow sign, he shouts, "Macey's!" This is usually followed by, "Can we get a treat?" The answer is yes, as long as they are good, of course. Because at Macey's, they give kids treats for free.

It all starts with those ingenious grocery carts that look like pick-up trucks. With my two oldest in the cab of the truck and my baby strapped into the seat on top, I can actually grocery shop with all of my kids and still have room in the tailgate for food. The Macey's employees are friendly, vibrant and when your kids get a little restless, they always give you the sympathetic poor-cute-mom-of-small-children look (as opposed to the what-were-you-thinking-bringing-all-of-your-kids-to-the-grocery-store-let-alone-having-all-of-those-kids look). By the time we round the corner from the bakery into the produce, both kids are usually begging for a donut, but this doesn't last long. The produce employees have more than just apples and bananas up their sleeves, they have Smarties and Dum Dums in their aprons and they don't hesitate to share with their young customers. (I always appreciate how they inconspicuously ask me first if it is okay.) If I time it just right, I can get that candy to last until I am at the checkout stand where, if necessary, they have more free candy and, usually, free balloons to help make your "child's" grocery shopping experience more pleasant.

As a parent, if that wasn't enough to make you fall in love with Macey's, there's still more. They have Easter egg hunts at Easter, Trick-or-Treating at Halloween, kids cooking classes, make your own reindeer antlers at Christmas (and bunny ears at Easter), coloring contests year round, family-friendly tailgate parties for BYU football games and the list goes on. All of which is FREE! So even if you want to make the long drive to Wal-Mart and save a few dollars on groceries, I suggest you drop in on some of the free events for kids they have going on year-round at Macey's.

Have you been here before? Share your thoughts in the "reviews" (comments) and let us know what you think.

WHAT THEY OFFER: Year-round, in-store, seasonal children's events; crafts, coloring contests, "fishing" for prizes, treats, visit the Easter Bunny and Santa, Easter Egg Hunts, Family BYU tailgate parties, trick-or-treating, kids cooking classes, etc.

AGES: 12 and under

COST: Free!

ADDRESS: 1400 North State Street, Provo

TIPS: When grocery shopping at Macey's with kids, avoid evenings or Saturdays. Although still fun, friendly and competitively priced, it is filled with college students. When attending the children's events, don't plan on doing heavy shopping. Just go and enjoy! You must sign up for free cooking classes in advance.


Note: This is a review of the Macey's Grocery Store in Provo. The may have similar events at other local Macey's.

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